Map of Landers/GMARS


Description of site with written instructions from the Riverside Astronomical Society:

Landers/GMARS Site

Landers/GMARS Map:

Map to Landers/GMARS

Note: Correct address for Landers is 8619 Botkin Rd, Landers but Yahoo and Google may not identify all the roads nor the address numbers correctly.

Use the following:

From I -10 East near Palm Springs, exit North on Ca 62 to Yucca Valley.
Then turn left on CA 247 to Landers and Victorville.
Go to Reche road, turn right.
Drive past the Landers Post Office and turn left at Gibralter road.
Proceed about two miles to Bodkin road and turn right.
Go 1/4 mile to RAS, GMARS is on the left.
GMARS shows up well on the satellite view, but Gibralter road is mis-identified.