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     $30 for regular membership,

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     $40 for a family membership, or PVAA
     $12 for a student membership P.O. BOX 162
           (under 18 and in school). Upland, CA 91785

Personal Information & Comments:

In order to make the club as interesting and rewarding as possible,
        we would like to know more about you and your astronomical interests.

How did you learn about the PVAA?                                                                               

Are you: Just beginning             Moderately experienced              Very experienced          

What are you most interested in:   Star Parties            Newsletter            Meetings           

Presentations on Astronomy                     

Field Trips to Local Observatories and Astronomical Events                              

Are you most interested in nearby star parties for an evening's viewing                                  

or an overnight (or weekend) star party at a more remote (thus darker) site                           

What subjects would you like to learn more about?                                                            

Do you have a Telescope?                                      Do you have Binoculars?